Computer avatars help schizophrenics fight the voices in my head


At the Royal College in London tested the “avatar therapy” – a method of reducing anxiety…

At the Royal College in London tested the “avatar therapy” – a method of reducing anxiety in mentally ill people. It does not cure patients, but significantly mitigates the symptoms of the disease. Perhaps for the first time in the history of the struggle with the voices in my head came to a real level.
The idea and implementation are simple: a doctor, based on the analysis of the story of the schizophrenic about what was troubling him, builds a three-dimensional virtual image of the “enemy”. And the voice, imitating the attack of the “voice” of the patient. And then follows a series of “struggle sessions,” during which the patient may argue, to criticize, to insult, to question and to catch your errors. That is, to interact with him as the likeness of a real opponent.
And it works – is elusive, and therefore formidable, confident in his strength “voices” a schizophrenic sees a likeness of a computer game character. Nothing to worry about, which can be overcome, especially because the attending physician and it is to this brings your patient. As a consequence, by the middle of the study in the control group remained violent schizophrenics – they all learned how to “win” the voices in my head.
In parallel, a control group, used traditional tools, and here’s the paradox: according to the results of 24-week experiment, both groups showed similar levels of healing from disease. The scientists concluded that avatar therapy rather refers to the categories of placebo, not a cure. But if you need to quickly pacify a violent schizophrenic – let him fight with a virtual enemy and succeed!